Our ‘Forever Future’ Initiative

Much like many of our customers, we are continually looking at ways to improve our own sustainability. But what do we actually mean by that and what are we doing?
Sustainability for us as an organisation means proactively working together with our customers to care for and improve the world we live in – not just on an environmental level but also on a social level.

Our ‘Forever Future’ sustainability initiative sets out our mission and our plan of action that focuses on all aspects of our business with the primary objectives of reducing our carbon footprint and helping to make positive social change.

We won’t solve everything overnight but we believe that, collectively and with your valuable feedback, we can make a difference!

‘Forever Future’ will be an evolving and continuing initiative to fully embrace new ideas and solutions. Thank you for your continued support and helping us to make change!

Our Mission

Across all aspects of our business our team is engaged in an ongoing process to reduce our impact on the environment and to interact with social initiatives designed to bring about positive change.

Our Team

We are looking at our carbon footprint with an action plan in place to reduce it and ensuring it is an ongoing priority for us as a business. Through regular training and education together with the bench marking of our progress, we will keep aligned with our objectives to reduce our carbon footprint year on year. We are continually looking at additional solutions and resources to implement within the organisation to ensure we are taking action wherever we can.

Sustainable Sourcing

We carefully select our supply partners to ensure the products we sell are sustainably sourced, placing the highest priority on social, environmental and ethical factors to ensure peace of mind for our customers. Through our membership of buying group, Integra Business Solutions Ltd, and global buying consortium, Business Products Group International (BPGI), we work with highly accredited UK and international industry partners only.

We can help advise you on Eco products and carry out an audit of what you are buying to help recommend alternatives for a greener office. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.

Energy Efficiency

From placing an order right through to delivery, we want to ensure that collectively, we are being as energy efficient as possible.

We can help you get the best from online order and streamlining your processes to, not only be more energy efficient, but also to save you time and money as a business.

We can help you to reduce paperwork and consolidate your suppliers and deliveries to lessen the impact of more vehicles being needed out on the road.

Our bespoke stock management and route planning tools will also help you to reduce the need for those emergency one off stock item orders – although we are here to help you when you get caught out!

Help us close the loop

As part of our ‘Forever Future’ initiative, we can provide you with recycling services when we deliver, helping us to close the loop on packaging waste, toner cartridges, batteries and more. We can also take care of your confidential shredding to ensure you don’t fall foul of GDPR or we can advise on a professional range of high quality shredders for your office.

We have set ourselves a stringent target to recycle and reuse packaging wherever possible to avoid unnecessary waste in the chain – let us help you to do the same!

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are investing in carbon capture projects with Forest Carbon, certified by the Woodland Carbon Code,  for our own brand ‘Initiative’ Multipurpose Papers. We have already planted over 1,000 trees to create a new woodland area of over 6,500m2 in the UK, helping to capture any unavoidable remaining CO2 emissions created in the manufacturer and transportation of these papers. Through projects such as these, our Initiative brand will help to, not only protect the environment, but also make a valuable contribution to local communities across the UK.  Initiative papers are also from 100% sustainable sources – click here to read our guide on Paper & the Environment

Here to help

To find out more about our Forever Future initiative or to talk to a member of our team about our recycling programme , our Eco product range or in fact anything else we can do to help you green your office or reduce your own carbon footprint, contact us today.