CAD Service

Our design team can help you address spatial planning, logistical and design challenges to ensure your furniture choices make the best use of the limited space available in each working environment. Space planning is an essential part of the modern-day office and a carefully considered design can tremendously improve the practicality and aesthetics of any space.

From the detailed brief, our team of experienced space planners draw up an office space to ensure the accuracy of any office plan. We aim to fulfil the planning requirements of all our customers by creating designs and floor plans to suit the needs of the space and design your new working environment to make it work for you. We endeavour to complete all space plans within three working days of completing your on-site brief.

Space planning is a free service which Bishops offer, however due the increasing number of space plans which require multiple revisions and amendments, we have found it necessary to implement a charge of £25 for any space plans which require 3 revisions or more from the original, so our aim is to be as accurate as possible to limit the possibility of additional costs.